Organising Committee:

  1. Prof. Aarne Ylinen (EFRR President)
  2. Prof. Frederike van Wijck (conference chair, EFRR vice-president and SRR Senior Secretary)
  3. Prof. Nigel Harris (SRR and EFRR Past Secretary)
  4. Prof. Stefan Heiskanen (EFRR Member, treasurer)
  5. Dr. Susanne Weinbrenner (EFRR Secretary)
  6. Dr. Audrey Bowen (SRR President)
  7. Ms. Patricia Dziunka (SRR Central Secretariat)
  8. Dr. Ruth Kent (BSRM Chair, Education sub-committee and SRR member)
  9. Mrs. Sandy Weatherhead (BSRM Executive Director)
  10. Dr. Ben Stansfield (Reader, Glasgow Caledonian University)
  11. Dr. Philippa Dall (Senior Research Fellow, Glasgow Caledonian University)

 Additional support for Organising Committee:

  • Glasgow Caledonian University Events Management Team: Ms. Julie Duncan (Head of Events Team), Ms. Marysia Nellany (Events Officer)
  • Professional Conference Organisation (PCO): Abbey ( )
  • Glasgow City Marketing Bureau: Ms. Wendy Russell

Scientific Committee:

  1. Prof. Frederike van Wijck (Chair, EFRR vice-president and SRR Senior Secretary)
  2. Prof. Aarne Ylinen (EFRR President)
  3. Prof. Gülseren Akyüz (EFRR Past President)
  4. Dr. Gabor Fazekas (EFRR Acting President (2009), Past President (2011-2013) and Council Member)
  5. Dr. Sven-Uno Marnetoft (EFRR Council Member)
  6. Prof. Helena Burger (EFRR Council Member)
  7. Prof. Matilde Leonardi (EFRR Past President (2009-2011) and Council Member)
  8. Prof. Aivars Vetra (EFRR Council Member)
  9. Assistant Prof. Kate Radford (SRR Past President)
  10. Prof. Tony Ward (BSRM member and representative on SRR Council)
  11. Dr. Audrey Bowen (SRR President)
  12. Dr Andrew Bateman (SRR President select)
  13. Prof. Anand Pandyan (SRR Past Secretary)
  14. Dr Stephen Ashford (SRR Junior Secretary)
  15. Dr Lisa Shaw (SRR Treasurer)
  16. Dr Karen Hoffman (SRR Public Relations Officer)
  17. Dr Praveen Kumar (SRR Council member)
  18. Dr Joanna Fletcher-Smith (SRR Council member)
  19. Dr Rosie Kneafsey (SRR Council member)

Senior Advisory Committee: